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The Secret Ingredient
restaurant & bar, hotel & resort, mall & institution consultant providing solutions from quick service to signature concepts.
About Us

We are a dynamic team of restaurateurs and hoteliers with several decades of combined local, regional and international experience. Our backgrounds in working with global hotel chains including Starwood, Hyatt, InterContinental and Marriott have amply prepared us for food and beverage consultancy.

We specialise in providing tailored hospitality consultation services for hotels, resorts, restaurants and bars as well as for institutions and organisations. Our work further encompasses market research and feasibility studies designed to underpin master planning of all operations.

We emphasise building comprehensive client relationships with aim of ensuring long-term success. To that end our services range from highly focused market insights to broad-perspective concept ideation. We likewise assist in design/build matters and other pre- or post-opening concerns – and always with expert consultation applied across all key project phases.

About Us
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About Us
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About Us
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Blue Salt Co., Ltd.

1338/926 supalai prima riva, rama 3 road, chong nonsi, yan nawa, bangkok, thailand 10120

+66 (0)2 020 8206
+66 (0) 81 839 6067 (shane giles)

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